Insurance for individuals are there for preserving the wealth that you have created in your lifetime, wealth that is there to protect your wellbeing and that of your family.


It provides individuals and companies with financial protection against physical damage to vehicles in the event of collision, fire, theft and other risks, as well as civil liability against third parties.


By subscribing to Protectaour funeral insurance, your loved ones will not have to worry about any financial matters following your departure. The presage will be carried out through a wide network of high-quality service providers, spread throughout the national territory

Multirisque Entreprise is an integral solution for companies and business owners. It allows the company to protect its assets, facilities, furniture and equipment in a comprehensive manner against the different types of losses, its obligations towards third parties, and the loss of income in the event of insured damages that slow down commercial activities.


Whether you own or rent an apartment or house, you are exposed to a number of risks. Home insurance helps protect the value of the home or its content, as well as third-party liability


Excess Life is designed to protect families by helping to care for relatives in the event of the death of the covered family member by paying the beneficiary or the multiple beneficiaries a specific amount of money. Life insurance can also be used as collateral to cover debts, such as mortgage. AIC offers various insurance products tailored to specific needs and income, whether it is short-term life insurance offering advantages / benefits for a given period of time or universal life insurance providing a benefit in the event of death, plus an investment component that may be collected or borrowed from policy premiums or used to pay for them

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