This product ensures an ongoing construction project against potential damages such as fires, explosions, water damage, collapses, natural disasters, vandalism, and theft as well as civil liabilities towards third parties over the course of the work.

Construction Equipment

This insurance is a must if you are a contractor or work in the construction field. It protects the equipment on a construction worksite. This product also covers civil liabilities in the event of accidental damages resulting from the use of that equipment.


Medicarte is a group insurance product that protects the insured against financial shock in the event of sickness, pregnancy or disability. Health insurance also guarantees minimal income when the insured is unable to work due to sickness. This is offered under a group policy for organizations, to cover their employees.


Provides financial protection by paying claims for damages caused to the organization or company´s insured fleet (vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles), the driver and the passengers and/or damages caused by the insured vehicles to third parties.


It guarantees that funds and other assets in transit are protected against all damages such as loss, theft, and disappearance.


This funeral insurance product if offered under a group policy. It aims mainly at freeing the family from the economic burden of organizing funeral arrangements after an accident or natural death of the insured, by relying on an extensive network of high quality funeral service providers all over the country.


Excess Life is offer under policy for a group of persons such as employees of an organization, helping to take care of the loved ones upon the death of the covered family member, by paying the beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries a specific sum of money. Life insurance can also be used as collateral to cover debts such as a mortgage.

AIC offers  different insurance products suited to specific needs and income, whether it is a short term life insurance providing benefits for a given period of time or a whole life insurance providing a death benefit, plus an investment component that may be collected, borrowed against or used to pay the policy’s premiums.


A product that protects banks or financial institutions against pecuniary losses as a result of fraudulent acts perpetrated by employees, as well as theft or burglary perpetrated by non-employees.

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